Partnering with parents to develop kid's faith.


Our goal is that your children will have the best hour of their week! KidsLife is a fun, safe and engaging environment where children will learn about the love of God and foster a relationship with Him.

0-1 years : Mother's Room

1-2.5 years : Creche

2.5-5 years : KidsLife Junior

5-10 years : KidsLife senior

10-13 years : pulse

Through worship, games, crafts, small group times, multimedia, and fun activities we will be teaching God’s Word and providing ways for the children to experience God for themselves.

We believe in the Youth!

If you are aged 13-18, we’d be stoked to have you!

Every Friday in the School Term

7:00pm- 9:15pm

Alternating each week between All In at Lifezone Church and House Parties in homes
HighLife is a community of young people from all walks of life who are discovering together how to better love themselves, others, and God.

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