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SERVICES 9am & 10.45am Sundays

Need help?

Ways we can help you:

Pastoral Care Team

Everyone is important to God and us. Lifezone is made up of people who care for each other. Best care is given and recieved when you belong to a connectgroup.  To speak with a Pastor call (07) 571 6525 during our office hours. If you find yourself in a pastoral care situation outside of normal office hours and need to speak with a Pastor please email pastoralcare@lifezone.church

Illness and Loss

Elders, Pastors, Staff and Pastoral Care Team Members are available to visit people in their homes during their time of need, and visit the sick in hospital, offering prayer, support and encouragement.  We provide care and support for individuals and families during and after bereavement. We also have personal counselling referrals available. If you wish to know more please contact us at pastoralcare@lifezone.church


Our Pastors and Prayer Team are here to be an encouragement and to stand with you in times of need. If we can uphold you in prayer or support you in anyway, please contact the church office. Ph: (07) 571 6525 during office hours or email prayer@lifezone.church with your prayer and praise requests.

Elders, Pastors, Staff and Pastoral Care Team members are available to pray for people during the week – you can do this over the phone or in person. You can also submit a prayer request at the Connections Desk during our Sunday gatherings.

Emergency & Crisis Care

We would love to help & reach out to you in times of crisis, and offer emergency assistance, food supplies & support. Contact office@lifezone.church or phone us during office hours on (07) 571 6525.

Relationships, Marriage and Families

We believe in strong, healthy relationships – whether it’s friendships, marriage or family, there is always room to grow and strengthen the relationships in your life. We have some courses that we offer to help you strengthen your relationships: Ph: (07) 5716525 during office hours or email office@lifezone.church to find out more about any of the following:

Engaged Couples – If you attend Lifezone Church and you are engaged to be married, we offer a premarital course for you and your partner.

Married Couples – Are you married and want to invest into your marriage? We offer the Alpha marriage course here at Lifezone Church. Invest in your marriage; a strong, loving and lifelong relationship doesn’t happen by chance. Click here for more info!

Seperation and Divorce – Dealing with this can be a very painful and difficult time. At Lifezone Church we want to help you walk this journey and offer support to help you move forward into healing and hope. Email office@lifezone.church

Are you a new parent? – We have connectgroups and connection opportunities to equip and support you during this exciting time in life with all its joy and its challenges.  Email lifegroups@lifezone.church to find out more.